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Our treatments

Prophylaxis/dental cleaning

Caries and periodontitis are the most common diseases of the teeth and mouth. This can only be prevented by regular prophylaxis, correct nutrition and consistent oral hygiene. Even if a dental treatment has already been completed, prophylaxis is necessary to prevent further complications. Professional teeth cleaning plays a very important role here. Of course we offer this in our practice Pablo Herrero Dental Deutsche Zahnklinik. Talk to us if you want to know more about it!

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Composit fillings and direct reconstructions

Dental fillings are also referred to as composite. Composite means that it is a composition of different materials. In the case of the composite, it has a base of resin and a nanoceramic component is entered into. The combination of these two different materials results in physical and chemical properties that none of the individual components posesses on their own, but in combination they offer a quick, effective and lasting solution to teeth defects of different classes.

We at Pablo Herrero Dental Deutsche Zahnklinik work exclusively with high-quality composite filling materials from established brands that are also used on the German market.

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A root canal treatment  (Endodontics) is recommended if a patient has acute or chronical pain due to a dead tooth nerve. This can be caused by a previously inconspicuous tooth that has become inflamed at the root tip or at the nerve inside the tooth. In our practice Pablo Herrero Dental Deutsche Zahnklinik, we thoroughly analyze the current situation of your teeth in advance in order to lay the foundation for a successful treatment.

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Fixed prostodontics

(Crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, CAD CAM system) A digital impression of the tooth/teeth to be treated is scanned and a three-dimensional model is created. This can be displayed and edited in the laboratory. With the help of the copy-grinding process, the designed restoration is milled out of an industrially manufactured ceramic block by a milling machine (CNC machine).

In this way, we at Pablo Herrero Dental Deutsche Zahnklinik avoid the unpleasant impressions that had to set for several minutes in almost all of our restorations.

The process is pleasant, quick and more precise.

The restorations can also be produced in the shortest possible time using this method, so that you can also get a definitive restoration while on holiday in Gran Canaria at Pablo Herrero Dental Deutsche Zahnklinik without needing follow-up appointments at home.

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Dentures are removable prostheses that can replace multiple teeth (partial dentures) or even an entire set of teeth (full dentures). Dentures, if removable, are only removed from the mouth for cleaning or repairs to prevent bone loss and changes in the jaw. Removable partial dentures are made for patients who have remaining teeth in their mouth but not enough to attach fixed dentures to them.

A full denture replaces all of the teeth in the edentulous upper or lower jaw, or even both. There are various ways of anchoring these prostheses and also the possibility of producing implant-supported prostheses in our qualified partner laboratories. Make an appointment at our practice Pablo Herrero Dental German Dental Clinic in Avenida Tirajana 39 Edificio Mercurio Torre 2 5D in Maspalomas Gran Canaria to learn more about all the possibilities of removable dentures.

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An implant replaces a missing tooth. In most cases, implants are better indicated than removable dentures or bridges in order to achieve an aesthetically and functionally fully satisfactory result. In terms of functionality and aesthetics, implants are on a par with natural teeth. If you are looking for a dentist for implantology in Gran Canaria, you will find it in Implantologist Pablo Herrero . Simply contact our dental practice at Edificio Mercurio in Maspalomas if you want to know more about implants!

A dental implant is firmly anchored in the jaw. Just as strong as a natural tooth root. The implant is the basis for an artificial tooth. However, implants can also act as pillars for bridges or entire dentures. Before the treatment, the Implantologist med.dent.Pablo Herrero examines the condition of the jaw, because the setting of an implant requires that there is sufficient bone mass in the jaw. If this is not the case, your dentist Pablo Herrero can use various measures to perform a bone augmentation.

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Beautiful teeth contribute significantly to our well-being. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with naturally white teeth. Bleaching can help a little. This procedure, performed by trained staff at Pablo Herrero Dental Deutsche Zahnklinik, is uncomplicated and painless. The treatment uses bleach and light. The whitening of the patient’s teeth lasts for a very long time. Discolouration disappears. If you want to learn more about professional bleaching, ask your dentist Pablo Herrero.

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Periodontitis is a widespread disease of the oral cavity. The negative effects of periodontitis are bleeding gums and loose teeth. The periodontium (gums and bones) of a patient affected by periodontitis gradually recedes without treatment. Gingivitis, bleeding gums and bone loss can be effectively treated with professional measures in our practice Pablo Herrero Dental Deutsche Zahnklinik. If you are looking for an expert in periodontology in Gran Canaria, you will find it in dentist med.dent. Pablo Herrero . Contact our practice at Edificio Mercurio Torre 2 5D if you want to know more about periodontitis treatment!

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Aesthetic Dentistry

Do you see damage on your tooth enamel? Veneers may help in this and other cases – and with a very simple treatment. I our clinic at Avenida Tiraja 39 Edificio Mercurio Torre 2 5D dentist med. dent. Pablo Herrero  will explain this procedure to you.

In dentistry, veneers are ceramic shells that your dentist med. dent. Pablo Herrero on request to restore your teeth. Ceramic is particularly indicated because there is hardly any visual difference to natural teeth. In order for the ceramic veneers to adhere to the tooth surface, they are fixed with a two-component cement. If you are interested, simply make an appointment at our dental practice Pablo Herrero Dental Deutsche Zahnklinik Maspalomas.

Ceramic veneers serve for a cosmetic and medical purpose. If you have cracks on the enamel surface, if you have a tooth that is very different from the rest of your teeth, or if you are struggling with discolouration that cannot be removed. Even if your teeth have larger tooth gaps or you suffer from dental problems, we will show you in Pablo Herrero Dental Deutsche Zahnklinik the advantages of ceramic veneers. Get in touch with our dental practice in Maspalomas to arrange your desired appointment for a consultation.

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Digital X-ray / 3D X-ray diagnostics and planning

Dental disease or gum disease are´nt just limited to the visible clinical part. Caries can go deep into the tooth without being noticed on a purely clinical examination. Periodontal disease or dead or broken teeth cannot be fully diagnosed without x-rays. Implants that are screwed into the jaw cannot be planned without previous X-rays. Why is digital x-ray better?

• The sensitive image storage foils and sensors require significantly less x-ray radiation in order to be able to reproduce high-resolution images

• The digital x-ray images can be post-processed to increase contrast or to improve the display of certain areas (no need to repeat bad images)

• uncomplicated forwarding of the images via electronic data transmission or on storage media such as USB sticks

In addition, we use digital 3D x-ray technology to plan all surgical interventions such as implantations, bone augmentations and impacted teeth or tooth roots at Pablo Herrero Dental Clinic Deutsche Zahnklinik.

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Invisible Orthdontics

We offer the possibility of tooth correction using the technique of invisible splints. The advantage of this method is the comfort for the patient, the ease of optimal oral hygiene compared to traditional brackets and the almost achieved invisibility of the splints used in the treatment.

In our practice Pablo Herrero Dental Deutsche Zahnklinik we´ll perform a complete study including a digital simulation and provide you with a cost estimate.

Want to learn more about invisible orthodontics? Do not hesitate and contact your dentist Pablo Herrero in Maspalomas/Gran Canaria.

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Perioral & Lip Aesthetics

Nowadays, the use of hyaluronic acid fillers is a natural part of completing an aesthetic dental treatment.

Because a beautiful smile also includes the lips, the gums and the perioral area,  your dentist Pablo Herrero has specialized in giving your smile a more ideal appearance with harmless interventions outside the oral cavity.

Through the targeted use of hyaluronic acid, we at ph dental Deutsche Zahnklinik can treat lip contours, lip fullness, lip wrinkles, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, missing papillae and even a gummy smile.

For this purpose, med. dent. Pablo Herrero performs a detailed photo analysis in order to discuss the desired goals with the patient before the treatment and to create a therapy and cost plan.

Make an appointment at your dental clinic in Gran Canaria to learn more about it.

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Our dental clinic

We are a modern dental clinic with a huge range of treatments to offer. We provide you with an individual estimate always thinking of your dental health.

Visit our clinic in Avenida Tirajana 39, Edificio Mercurio, Torre 2, 5ºD in Maspalomas, with access for reduced mobility. We will be happy to assist you.

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Our team

med.dent. Pablo Herrero

  • Degree in dentistry
    (LMU Munich)
  • Post graduate in periodontal surgery
    (University of Landshut)
  • Post graduate in digital dentures planning and implementation
    (Bavarian State Dental Association)
  • Post graduate in implantology planning
    (University of Würzburg)
  • Curriculum (specialization) implantology/oral surgery
    (Cezanne Center Berlin)
  • Certification in 3D dental volume tomography. Planning and implementation of surgical interventions.
    (Bavarian State Dental Association)
  • Post graduate in invisible orthodontics
    (“Secret Aligner” Madrid/Tenerife)
  • Post graduate: Aesthetic treatments with hyaluronic acid in dentistry and the perioral area.
    (Autran Dental Academy Barcelona)
  • dh. Ismaray Reyes

    Clinical assitant


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